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consultancies attached to each agency and spread throughout France.


We also have a centralised consultancy based on the premises of our headquarters.

The engineers in our consultancies are real designers, and will develop and size all your fire-protection projects.

In line with your specifications and legislation, they establish all the integration plans and monitor the production process step by step, until the point of final delivery on your site.

The staff in our consultancies are consistently trained to always keep their skills up-to-date with the many changes in our activities.

In addition to CAD tools (Autocad) and a software program for hydraulic calculations (sprinkcalc), we also have workstations equipped with 3D software (Revit) to allow us to integrate your projects in BIM.


Atlantique Automatismes Incendie has been certified since 2001 by the CNPP as an installer and auditor of automatic water sprinkler and FHC extinction systems.

The prefabricated networks in our Castets workshop have been FM approved since September 2017.

AAI is a major stakeholder in the market of installations produced in line with the R1 reference framework.

  • Certificate No 032/01: Certification of installation service and of the maintenance of automatic extinction systems – sprinkler type.
  • Certificate No 032/02/E1: Certification of verification service for automatic extinction systems – sprinkler type.
  • Certificate No 034/02/J5.F5: Certification of validation service and of the maintenance of fire-hose station installations.
  • Certificate 3056841 of 18/09/2017 – FM approved prefabricated networks (‘Steel Sprinkler Pipe Assemblies’ FM approvals class: 1920 – ‘Pipe couplings and fittings for aboveground Fire Protection Systems’).

Our processes are regularly measured and improved in order to meet our needs and comply with regulatory requirements.

AAI has been ISO 9001 certified (Certificate No 016/07/301) since December 2007, which is a mark of our commitment to client satisfaction.

agencies certified by the CNPP, which are also MASE certified.
Our objective: zero accidents


AAI is committed to the future and to the protection of the environment.
Our commitment is to exemplary performance and extends beyond the limits of legislation.

All our agencies are involved in the MASE approach, and 8 of them are already certified.

Since quality service also requires the health and safety of our employees, our constant aim is zero accidents.

Certificate No SO 2016-044: MASE/UIC Management Health Safety Environment.

AAI supports you and participates in the BREAM, HQE and LEED initiatives, among others.

In the general interest, we conduct actions such as:

  • Designing networks assisted by isometry software in order to reduce short pipe pieces.
  • Automated electrostatic paint with monitoring and reduction of our VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions.
  • Planning of the paints networks in order to optimise the successive warming phases of our paint booth.
  • Sound management of the supplies to limit the flow of transport, surpluses and waste.
  • Introduction of solutions for the weekly recycling of the test water (consumption of 15 m³/week), retreatment of the AFFF glycol of the foaming agents.
  • Dematerialisation on smartphone or laptop for planning, reports on periodic interventions, the, organisation of the client counterparts.
  • Recycling and use of our waste (boxes, office papers, plastic, etc.).